Thursday, July 23, 2015

Our book is on Amazon!!

Our new book is at Amazon.  The title is:  The Lost Secrets of the Ancient Mystery Schools:  11 Steps to your Divine Self.

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A synopsis of the book follows:

The spiritual intention of the ancient mystery schools was to lead the students to the discovery of the indwelling divine. This realization of immanence resulted in the graduates being able to realize their authentic selves and to be divine ambassadors to the world. This great truth was taught to the students using the gestalt method of experience within heart circles, a right brain process of experiencing sacred allegories, myths, and stories as if the students were actually living them. In this book the reader is led to experience this for themselves, resulting in the personal experience of immanence. We have rediscovered the mystery school teaching method, and reveal it here.

We teach this in the book using sacred passages familiar to the Western reader. We use 11 decisions in the life of Jesus- decisions which led him to realize and embody is own divinity. In reliving each of these decisions for themselves, the reader is invited to have the experience of realizing their authentic self and finding the unity with the divine.

The book contains 2 unique learning and teaching techniques. The first is the gestalt process, whereby the stories or allegories are experienced in a group, living them out in the first person, present tense. The traditional plot or meaning of the story is set aside, in order for each student to experience the story for themselves. The second unique technique introduced in this book are actual narratives of ancient mystery school classes, as they may have happened 2000 years ago, as the students experience the gestalt technique of the Jesus stories. Using both of these the reader is given actual examples and inspiration as they experience the stories for themselves.

The reader is led on a journey through the 11 decisions of Jesus, and is invited to live these as THEIR experiences, not just the experiences of a man named Jesus.
At the birth of Jesus, you are invited to imagine yourself in the manager. What hopes for yourself did you have at your birth? What gifts were you given at birth? What challenges have you faced?
As you experience the story of Jesus in the temple at 12 years of age, you are challenged to examine your beliefs. Where did your beliefs come from? Are they authentic or culturally obtained? Did they come from your parents or from institutions? How can we develop our truly authentic beliefs?
When Jesus went into the desert to fast and pray and resist temptation, we are challenged to consider if we are being led in life by our true purpose or higher selves, or by our ego?
When Jesus was crucified, one of his intentions was to stand for the suffering of the world. How can we do this in our lives? What desires or wants have to die for us to be able to stand in for others?
The stories say that Jesus rose from the dead. How can we truly discover our life's purpose and have the courage and wisdom to fulfill it? How can we be a divine messenger to our world?

As the reader ponders and experiences these stories and answers the questions, they begin to participate in the true meaning and message of Jesus' life: to pattern for all of us the union of our humanity and our divinity. One key to do this is for us to be able to love ourselves unconditionally, thereby being able to find ourselves worthy of our indwelling divinity.

As we experience our authentic self and the personal process of immanence, our perspective of the world changes to being able to find opportunities to serve, bless and heal others, to feel our oneness with all things, and not our separateness, and experience the feeling that all things are possible.

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