Saturday, April 25, 2015

Bruce Jenner Interview---Reflections

The main theme of the interview was rightly........being authentic.  This came though loud and clear.  Congratulations to Jenner and I support her totally.

I really liked her measured and cautious approach to the future.  She said several times...."we will see"....and she did not make too many promises that are sometimes hard to keep.  

Family came out as a huge piece, in that her main focus and hopes were to not "hurt" her family. She enjoys their full support which I know, takes a real load off of the fear that surrounds transition. I loved her son speaking so strongly in support of her.

I also thought that Diane Sawyer did a good job.  She touched briefly on the sensational issues, but did not over emphasize them. SRS and the sexual questions were the sensational, and these were answered very matter of factly and briefly. It was good for the masses to know the difference between gender identity and sexual attraction, and this came out clearly.

Jenner presented a very real and authentic personal story of herself. She covered her flaws and her fears, as well as her hopes.  I thought she seemed very well put together mentally and emotionally.

Republicans now have an opportunity to rally around her and support her.  She stated that she was a conservative and republican and would be glad to talk to Boehner and McConnell.  Her knowing these names means she is somewhat savvy politically, so I hope they invite her to the Capital to talk to them.

It also came out very strongly that she sees that one of her missions is to make others aware of trans issues and make the world safer for trans youth.

All in all a fine interview and I hope that her transition and way forward is blessed.

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