Saturday, October 4, 2014

Should the U.S. be involved in the war against ISIS? part 4 of 5

 This war fuels the U.S. war machine. We have become reliant on big spending to make weapons of War.

Picture Dick Cheney, sitting in his easy chair, rubbing his hands together with glee.  Dollar bills are stuffed in his pockets, and he is on the phone, taking orders for more cruise missiles, 500 pound bombs, etc.   ..............Yes, this is a simplistic cartoon, but know that for every bomb that drops in Iraq or Syria, we are making them again, and more, through U.S. Munition factories. The U.S. War machine is so out of hand that if we cut the defense budget in half and ceased all wars, it would cast an economic depression across the US the likes of which we have not seen in many years. Why?  Because for many years we have been painting ourselves into the box of having a great economy rising on the foundations of big military spending, on false and dangerous banking policies, and on the reliance on free wheeling corporate greed. And we dare not challenge this, because most of us enjoy our personal peace and affluence (including me!) and want to keep it!
So I am well aware of my hypocrises and my contradictions. And I dare say that one cannot live in the US without sharing many of these.
Nevertheless, our economy is addicted to war. And unless we begin to turn the tide we will continue to force our military to make war every so often.
My solution would be to cut the military budget 10% per year for 7 years, which would result in a total decrease of 50%.  Put all of the $$ saved into rebuilding our intrastructure, our roads, bridges, schools, power plants, water treatment, etc.  In this way we would eventually wean ourselves off of our reliance on the War machine for our economy.

In addition to the economic advantages we would realize, we might begin to create a true moral compass which we have been lacking for many years.  The death of innocents during warfare has been a stain upon our moral center as a nation. It is time we STOP putting ourselves in the position of having to justify the killing of women and children in order to have our "just war".  There is not justification for this.

Next:  Yes, I understand you Virginia, but what about ISIS killing the indigenous Iraqis, as well as Iraqi  women and children? Should we not try to stop this?

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