Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Should the U.S. be involved in the war against ISIS?

Part 5 in a 5 part series.

"Yes, I understand you Virginia, but what about ISIS killing the indigenous Iraqis, as well as Iraqi  women and children? Should we not try to stop this? "

To watch the horrible slaughter of the indigenous Iraqis, The Yazidis, and the murder and rape of innocent women and children, is very hard.  No one can watch it without a heart of compassion for them.  But what should we do?

Again, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Turkey need to step up to end this slaughter. As we drop our bombs to kill the members of ISIS, we are also killing innocents on the ground. Several weeks ago, we assisted the Kurds in saving many of the Yazidis without violence.  We moved them out of danger and to a safe place in the North.
We can continue this non-violent assistance.

 What can we do?

I would suggest a course of action that I suggested after 9-11.  We gather all of the parties involved, and we sit down to talk.  Instead of spending Billions to kill them, we offer to build schools, parks, hospitals, Mosques, Infrastructure like power plants and water facilities.  We attempt to build back the shared power of the Sunnis and Shias so they are both safe. We offer shared conversation about religion, and the common aspects of culture.  We find places of agreement.  We respect the places of disagreement. And we end all violence.
 We need to begin to find other ways of dealing with differences and threats from others than going to war.  We are entering a time when spiritual energies are high, and the Universe is offering us new and expansive ways of solving problems together.  Violence and war is the OLD paradigm. Calling on new ways of compassion and understanding can create new pathways to peace.

The new spiritual paradigms teach us that we are ONE with all people, even the ones who may hate us and with whom we disagree. As we begin to ACT as a nation with the compassion this creates, then the breakthroughs we need will happen.

A great way to begin this would be for each of us to practice this in our lives.Practice this in our relationships, with our neighbors, and even with those who oppose us in some way.  Find the higher ground. Look for new pathways of understanding. Seek out reconciliations.In the new spiritual energies, it is the individual acts of grace which will influence and effect our larger world.

My gift to you today is this video.  (please copy and paste into your browser)  Be blessed as you watch:


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