Saturday, October 4, 2014

Should the U.S. be involved in the war against ISIS? part 2 of 5 parts.

How our involvement gives Middle Eastern countries an excuse to not be involved.

Consider this story...... Two parents notice that their son is being bullied at school. They call the school to report this to the principal, they pick up their son at school to prevent any bullying from occurring. They occasionally see the kid who is bullying their son and warn him to stay away.  Does this help?  Only for a while. There will always come the time when their son will have to handle the bully on his own.

If the U.S. is going to War against ISIS, why should Iran, or Turkey, or Saudi Arabia be involved? All 3 of these countries have formidable armies. It is because of sectarian and religious issues in their countries, as well as THEY DO NOT HAVE TO.  The U.S. is doing it.

You may say, but if we did not kill Isis, then ISIS would overrun the Middle East. Yes, they would try.  But the more ground they captured the more it would pressure these other countries to take action. Eventually, to keep the security of their own countries, they would stop ISIS themselves.

BUT they do not have to. We will.

Eventually U.S. service men and women will die because we chose to do it ourselves, instead of let the countries in the middle east handle this themselves.

Next: What has been the result of other wars we have waged in the Middle east?  Have the results been what was expected?

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