Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Should the U.S. be involved in the war against ISIS?

Part 5 in a 5 part series.

"Yes, I understand you Virginia, but what about ISIS killing the indigenous Iraqis, as well as Iraqi  women and children? Should we not try to stop this? "

To watch the horrible slaughter of the indigenous Iraqis, The Yazidis, and the murder and rape of innocent women and children, is very hard.  No one can watch it without a heart of compassion for them.  But what should we do?

Again, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Turkey need to step up to end this slaughter. As we drop our bombs to kill the members of ISIS, we are also killing innocents on the ground. Several weeks ago, we assisted the Kurds in saving many of the Yazidis without violence.  We moved them out of danger and to a safe place in the North.
We can continue this non-violent assistance.

 What can we do?

I would suggest a course of action that I suggested after 9-11.  We gather all of the parties involved, and we sit down to talk.  Instead of spending Billions to kill them, we offer to build schools, parks, hospitals, Mosques, Infrastructure like power plants and water facilities.  We attempt to build back the shared power of the Sunnis and Shias so they are both safe. We offer shared conversation about religion, and the common aspects of culture.  We find places of agreement.  We respect the places of disagreement. And we end all violence.
 We need to begin to find other ways of dealing with differences and threats from others than going to war.  We are entering a time when spiritual energies are high, and the Universe is offering us new and expansive ways of solving problems together.  Violence and war is the OLD paradigm. Calling on new ways of compassion and understanding can create new pathways to peace.

The new spiritual paradigms teach us that we are ONE with all people, even the ones who may hate us and with whom we disagree. As we begin to ACT as a nation with the compassion this creates, then the breakthroughs we need will happen.

A great way to begin this would be for each of us to practice this in our lives.Practice this in our relationships, with our neighbors, and even with those who oppose us in some way.  Find the higher ground. Look for new pathways of understanding. Seek out reconciliations.In the new spiritual energies, it is the individual acts of grace which will influence and effect our larger world.

My gift to you today is this video.  (please copy and paste into your browser)  Be blessed as you watch:


Saturday, October 4, 2014

Should the U.S. be involved in the war against ISIS? part 4 of 5

 This war fuels the U.S. war machine. We have become reliant on big spending to make weapons of War.

Picture Dick Cheney, sitting in his easy chair, rubbing his hands together with glee.  Dollar bills are stuffed in his pockets, and he is on the phone, taking orders for more cruise missiles, 500 pound bombs, etc.   ..............Yes, this is a simplistic cartoon, but know that for every bomb that drops in Iraq or Syria, we are making them again, and more, through U.S. Munition factories. The U.S. War machine is so out of hand that if we cut the defense budget in half and ceased all wars, it would cast an economic depression across the US the likes of which we have not seen in many years. Why?  Because for many years we have been painting ourselves into the box of having a great economy rising on the foundations of big military spending, on false and dangerous banking policies, and on the reliance on free wheeling corporate greed. And we dare not challenge this, because most of us enjoy our personal peace and affluence (including me!) and want to keep it!
So I am well aware of my hypocrises and my contradictions. And I dare say that one cannot live in the US without sharing many of these.
Nevertheless, our economy is addicted to war. And unless we begin to turn the tide we will continue to force our military to make war every so often.
My solution would be to cut the military budget 10% per year for 7 years, which would result in a total decrease of 50%.  Put all of the $$ saved into rebuilding our intrastructure, our roads, bridges, schools, power plants, water treatment, etc.  In this way we would eventually wean ourselves off of our reliance on the War machine for our economy.

In addition to the economic advantages we would realize, we might begin to create a true moral compass which we have been lacking for many years.  The death of innocents during warfare has been a stain upon our moral center as a nation. It is time we STOP putting ourselves in the position of having to justify the killing of women and children in order to have our "just war".  There is not justification for this.

Next:  Yes, I understand you Virginia, but what about ISIS killing the indigenous Iraqis, as well as Iraqi  women and children? Should we not try to stop this?

Should the U.S. be involved in the War against ISIS? part 3 of 5 parts.

How have the U.S.Wars in the middle east resulted?

We go into war with the assumption that our war is "just" and that the result of the war will be good for us.  How is that workin' for us?

The second Gulf War served to accelerate sectarian violence because we greatly weakened the Sunni majority in Iraq. We threw down Saddam and his Sunnis with him, which resulted in the Shias rise to power.
ISIS is made up of many of these displaced Sunnis. You will also notice that many of the weapons that ISIS has are U.S. made weapons.  ISIS got these from the Iraqi lands they captured as well as from Syria.  )Our "just" war resulted in chaos, and gave rise to many of the young persons who lost family to our bombs now fighting us through ISIS. A very poor result from a "just" war.

Saudi Arabia is mainly Sunni, with a Wahabi slant, and Iran is Shia. Both of these countries also have economic and political reasons for NOT going to War against ISIS. The Saudis because they are Sunni, and the Iranians because ISIS is warring against Iraq, an opponent of theirs for many years. How convenient that the US can do it for them!

Because the political and religious landscape is so complicated, we are assured that our efforts to kill ISIS will result in other poor results, not to mention the continued death of innocents, the the $$ cost of the war, which has already exceeded 1 Billion $$.

It is also true, according to many observers, that middle Eastern Resistance organizations such as ISIL are defined nearly as much by their enemies as they are by their own actions.  By us attacking them with a coalition of many others nations, it actually encourages youth to join their ranks, and gives them apparent  significance and strength.

Next: Our participation in this war fuels the U.S. war machine. We have become reliant on big spending to make weapons of War.

Should the U.S. be involved in the war against ISIS? part 2 of 5 parts.

How our involvement gives Middle Eastern countries an excuse to not be involved.

Consider this story...... Two parents notice that their son is being bullied at school. They call the school to report this to the principal, they pick up their son at school to prevent any bullying from occurring. They occasionally see the kid who is bullying their son and warn him to stay away.  Does this help?  Only for a while. There will always come the time when their son will have to handle the bully on his own.

If the U.S. is going to War against ISIS, why should Iran, or Turkey, or Saudi Arabia be involved? All 3 of these countries have formidable armies. It is because of sectarian and religious issues in their countries, as well as THEY DO NOT HAVE TO.  The U.S. is doing it.

You may say, but if we did not kill Isis, then ISIS would overrun the Middle East. Yes, they would try.  But the more ground they captured the more it would pressure these other countries to take action. Eventually, to keep the security of their own countries, they would stop ISIS themselves.

BUT they do not have to. We will.

Eventually U.S. service men and women will die because we chose to do it ourselves, instead of let the countries in the middle east handle this themselves.

Next: What has been the result of other wars we have waged in the Middle east?  Have the results been what was expected?

ISIS, ISIL and the Islamic State

Should the U.S. be involved in the war to destroy ISIS?  I say NO!  For the following reasons:

1.  Our involvement gives Middle Eastern countries an excuse to not be involved.
2.  The history of our wars in the middle east tell us that the result of the wars is many times not what we expected, and we are left with a bigger mess afterwards.
3. This war fuels the U.S. war machine. We have become reliant on big spending to make weapons of War.
4. The result of this war will be many more U.S. enemies created in the Middle East, because we are looked upon as the killers of the innocents.

I will explain each of these points in 4 blog posts to follow.

Next: How our involvement gives Middle Eastern countries an excuse to not be involved.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

KEEP the Children!

A great article by my dear friend, Buck Rhodes:

The Eagle and the Condor

July 12, 2014
The Eagle and the Condor is an ancient Amazon prophecy that speaks of human societies splitting into two paths – that of the Eagle, and that of the Condor. The path of the Condor is the path of heart, of intuition, and of the feminine. The path of the Eagle is the path of the mind, of the industrial, and of the masculine.
The prophecy says that the 1490s would begin a 500 year period during which the Eagle people would become so powerful that they would virtually drive the Condor people out of existence. This can be seen in the conquering of the Americas and the killing and oppressing of the indigenous peoples in the subsequent 500 years – up to and including today.
The prophecy says that during the next 500-year period, beginning in 1990, the potential would arise for the Eagle and the Condor to come together, to fly in the same sky, and to create a new level of consciousness for humanity. The prophecy only speaks of the potential, so it’s up to us to activate this potential and ensure that a new consciousness is allowed to arise.
            Currently In the U.S. we are experiencing an influx of more than 50 thousand stray children from the land of the condor. What are these children bringing to us? The hope that this prophecy will be fulfilled. These children remind us that our ancestors came here to North America because they hoped for a better life. This began long before the blue-eyed ones arrived here; it started when first peoples from Asia came over across the Bering Straits. Deep inside of us, this hope remains a vital soul force but usually buried in our subconscious beneath fear of losing what we already have.
            We know how to care for stray cats and dogs. Almost daily, TV ads report opportunities to adopt a stray animal. We sponsor thousands of organizations to take care of these animals until they can be adopted. But these stray children seem to causes us a great collective fear – a fear that quite similar to the current plethora anti-feminine political activity here in the USA.
            Instead of paying four billions of dollars to send these back home, we could pay $2500 per child to help people take then into their homes – just some money to buy some extra bedding and children’s cloths and a thousand dollars-worth of food stamps to get some extra food. This would take less that on-tenth of the requested four billion dollars.
            After a deeply felt sharing of this issue yesterday morning with Martha Kinkade and Georgina Kemm, Virginia Stephenson and I envisioned a miracle this morning. We saw the Eagle and the Condor come together and fly together from the tip of South America to the North Pole casting their shadows across both continents from one end to the other and awakening us to the conscious desire to make this ancient prophecy become a modern reality. We saw us blue-eyed ones adopting these brown eyed-stray children, loving and caring for them and learning from them the realization of our true souls dream. We saw the Eagle and the Condor, at the end of their flight, each having one blue and one brown eye – signaling the end of our fears and separation from our brothers and sisters in the South.