Monday, November 4, 2013

Loving Yourself Unconditionally- The End!

Part 12-  The End!!!
What have we learned during these 11 previous parts?
That if course, is up to you.
For my part….as I revisited my feelings and experiences in loving myself, I come away with a profound gratitude.  For life as it is.  For me as I am.  For YOU just the way you are.
Several weeks ago I was talking with a friend, and we had a long discussion on politics and religion.  LOOK OUT!!   Well after a while she just said, “you know, I feel attacked by some of your comments, and I feel like you are badgering me.”
I paused and thought and I said, “you know, you may be right.  That was not my intention but please forgive  my  aggressiveness.”
My friend was quiet and wanted to end our conversation, so I let her have the space she needed and did other things.  I did not feel the necessity to “fix” her or get her out of her funk, no, I just let her have her space, without judgment.
The next day when all was well (I guess?), I thought….. I HAVE changed! There was a time in my life when  I would have tried to make things all better, and help her to laugh, or at least attempt that. I felt a real gratefulness that  I no longer have to control things around me...... to be like I wish them to be.  It is what it is.  The Buddhists call this equanimity. It is a peaceful place to be. I can take the deep breath of gratitude.
And this leads us to God Realization.  What is it and how do I realize it and what will be the benefits....if I do?
This multi-part series will begin this week.  Much love to all.
Virginia Stephenson

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