Monday, July 29, 2013

Part 6- loving Oneself Unconditionally

In the last part I introduced the first technique or practice to change the way we treat ourselves. In this part I introduce the second practice, which is a right brain meditation.

Self-love comes by creating new pathways between the brain and the heart, which reflect your heart love and not your mind chatter. Let me give you a pathway to experience which will exemplify the transformation of the parts of ourselves into love. Sit in a quiet place and breath deeply until you are centered and feel relaxed. Take a fragmented part of yourself, like your wounded child, or your inner child, or your judge, or your questioner. As I say this many of you know exactly which fragment of yourself to consider. Take this shard, let us say it is your judge, and feel into the Judge, feel the judge's emotions as he pronounces you guilty of some mis-statement, or wrong word, or mistake that you have made. We are very harsh judges of ourselves. Feel and hear the judge's words as he/she criticizes you for some act of yours. As you feel this with your soul, let your soul go, decide not to sit there listening to the judge, but let your soul know that there is an oversoul, which loves you, and does not judge you. With your intention, now connect with that oversoul, and feel the love and acceptance of the oversoul or of your Divine.. Feel it, do not think about it, feel it with your heart. .............................. When you have joined that love and know that that love is the most real thing in existence, now return to the judge. And now love your judge with the love of the oversoul, or of the Divine. Yes, I know that the old way is to hate the judge and want to get rid of it but do not go to that left brained place, just be in love and love your judge and draw the judge to yourself and comfort and love him/her. Realize that the judge is YOU. Love YOU. Be there now with the judge and let the judge know that you do not fear him/her, nor do you listen, all you do is love your judge. Feel that love. Let it be there. As you do this see the judge transformed into your wholeness. See the judge as yourself, not as a separate part of you. Draw the judge within with your love, so that as the judge becomes you, the judge becomes the same love that you felt from the oversoul. Draw him/her in until all that is left is love.

It is through this pathway, as you do it in your own way, the way you have known for eons of time and forgotten, as you do this you will have wholeness with self, and the parts of yourself that have prevented you from loving yourself will be transformed into love. Yes, it becomes clear that the reason we do not love ourselves is because of the illusion of separation and the lie of the ego's supremacy. As we realize that OUR love is the key to ourselves, we know that we have all that we need, for wholeness and Oneness.

Use the above meditation as an example or suggestion to work with to integrate the parts of yourself. You can change my example or even create one especially for you. There is an old but true saying, “My heart, my heart, it knows what it wants!”
 Next Part- How the love within yourself will bless others.

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