Friday, June 28, 2013

Loving oneself unconditionally

Today I begin a multi-part teaching on Loving oneself unconditionally.  These teachings will be a part of our next book.

Loving oneself- Part One.

Is it important to love oneself unconditionally? Most of Western culture assigns more virtue to those who serve others selflessly, than those who find true love for self.
Most all of us learn the love of the world first because that is hammered into us by western religion. ( It is more blessed to give than receive.)  Selfishness has been redefined as putting ourselves first.  Working ourselves in a frenzy for others was, and is looked upon as a virtue.  This "working for others" mentality also served to help us to feel better about ourselves since we are born with a sin nature, and are "depraved" because of it. When I was a child, the inner life of loving oneself was unheard of, and looked upon with great suspicion, as being
Narcissistic, dangerous and selfish.

This combined very well with our inner thought world of judgment. As we judged others as being wrong and right, we judged ourselves (the world is a mirror) , which contributed to the feeling inside that we are not "right" and we need a God outside of ourselves in order to be "right”.

So when many people hear the words: "God is inside of you" or "you are God", our inner child which learned all of the judgment lessons well...... says:  "preposterous".  Even if we agree with our left brain that God is inside, we feel in our souls that we are unworthy, that we are not good enough to be God.  We have been duped by the conspiracy of duality, supported by our institutions and culture and parents, etc.
The irony of it all is when one realizes complete love for self, one also realizes complete love for the world.  They go hand in hand.  We also come to realize that the love for self, overflowing into lovingkindness for the world, is the perfect love, that the sages have spoken of for Centuries. 
So into this dilemma steps grace, and  our highest selves, and our desire to be complete and whole and at one with divinity.  And the most direct way to do this, is to realize unconditional love for self.

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