Monday, May 6, 2013

The Inner Guru

This Friday, May 10, is Sri Yukteswar’s birthday. He lived from 1855- 1936 in India, and he was the Guru (teacher) for Paramahansa Yogananda, who introduced to many Westerners the teachings of meditation and Kriva Yoga.  Sri Yukteswar was interested in education, and he developed a syllabus for schools, on the subjects of physics, physiology, geography, astronomy, and astrology.  He also became interested in the education to women, which was uncommon in India at that time.
As with all gurus (teachers), he knew that the “true guru” is the teacher within us all, the indwelling divine, atman, the true nature of our humanity. Teachers can point the way, but at some point we have to surrender to our divinity. The term Guru is often loosely used to describe anyone who gives out spiritual advice, but a true Guru is someone who has realised the Self and who is able to use his/ her power (love)  to assist others towards the goal of Self-realisation. When self-realization happens, a tremendous freedom and love is experienced. Then the true guru begins to use this personal love, for the help of all people.
Yes we need teachers and gurus in our lives, but after the self is realized then everything becomes our teacher. Our enemies become our teachers, all the drama and crisis in our lives now instructs us, and a favorite teacher might be a flower garden. I know that the 4-leggeds teach us too.
There is also much learning that we can enjoy from teachers. But what is the grace that allows us to have the Ah-Ha moments?  It is the true guru inside shouting, “yes, yes.!”
I have attached a revised poem by St. John of the Cross, “my soul is a candle”.  Read it with your heart, and feel into its truth.  After you read it your true guru within, will speak.  Be very blessed today.
My soul is a candle that burns away the veil,
only the glorious duties of light I now have.
The suffering I knew initiated me into God.
My union left me with a single eye.
When I see the tears of all humanity
running across my cheeks and falling into my hands,
What can I say for their deep sorrow that I too have known.
My soul is the candle that burned away the veil.
Only the light of the divine remains.
The suffering I knew initiated me into God.
The love of the divine I now have.