Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Sutra on the Heart of Realizing Wisdom Beyond Wisdom

TRANSLATED BY Kazuaki Tanahashi AND Roshi Joan halifax
Avalokiteshvara, who helps all to awaken,
moves in the deep course of
realizing wisdom beyond wisdom,
sees that all five streams of
body and mind are boundless,
and frees all from anguish.
Oh Shariputra,
form is not separate from boundlessness;
boundlessness is not separate from form.
Form is boundlessness; boundlessness is form.
Feelings, perceptions, mental formations,
and consciousness are also like this.
Oh Shariputra,
boundlessness is the nature of all things.
It neither arises nor perishes,
neither stains nor purifies,
neither increases nor decreases.
Boundlessness is not limited by form,
nor by feelings, perceptions,
mental formations, and consciousness.
It is free of the eyes, ears, nose,
tongue, body and mind;
free of sight, sound, smell, taste,
touch, and any object of mind;
free of sensory realms
including mind-consciousness.
It is free of ignorance and the end of ignorance.
Boundlessness is free of old age and death
and free from the end of old age and death.
It is free of suffering, arising, cessation, and path,
and free of wisdom and attainment.
Being free of attainment,
those who help all to awaken
abide in the realization of wisdom beyond wisdom
and live with an unhindered mind.
Without hindrance, the mind has no fear.
Free from confusion,
those who lead all to emancipation
embody complete serenity.
All those, in the past, present, and future,
who realize wisdom beyond wisdom
manifest unsurpassable, authentic and
thorough awakening.
Know that realizing wisdom beyond wisdom
is no other than this great mantra,
luminous, incomparable, and supreme.
It relieves all suffering.
It is genuine, not illusory.
So set forth this mantra of realizing
wisdom beyond wisdom.
Set forth this mantra that says,
Gate, gate, paragate, parasamgate, bodhi! Svaha!
The last line is the mantra, and can be sung or repeated, or even sung in a round. The English means: Gone, Gone, Completely Gone. All completely gone in awakening, Hallelujah!
More on this soon.

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