Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Heart Sutra

The Heart Sutra
About a year ago, I added the heart sutra to my spiritual practice. The first time I heard the translation by Tanahashi and Halifax, it so resonated with my understanding of reality. A “sutra” is a teaching, and the heart sutra teaches the dismantling of duality. It identifies some of the hazards of dual thinking, such as fear, ignorance, trusting in wisdom and attainment, and attachments. It sings the praises of those who lead others to awakening.
I decided to rewrite the sutra from a Oneness perspective. Buddhism is a non-theistic religion, and I rewrote it to recognize the impersonal God, Christ consciousness, or the indwelling Atman. I basically wrote it for me, from the inside out. I would read a line of the sutra and rewrite it according to what it meant for me inside. This is a process you can do too. Simply look within and put your feelings and thoughts on paper.
I find the heart sutra a source of grace in my life. Whenever I recite it I feel very firm and solid. The sutra points the way for me to realize and keep a daily awareness of what is important in reality.
Warning! Please do not try to figure out the heart sutra literally. The grace of the sutra comes as we experience it in the right brain, in the feelings and the heart. Buck and I have even spoken the sutra to each other, as in a conversation. Hearing it spoken to you is a real treat!

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