Monday, February 25, 2013

My Soul is a Candle........

 This is my experience with St. John of the Cross's poem.
The Veil of the Temple

At the end of the Crucifixion story in the Bible, when Jesus died on the Cross, the veil of the temple was torn in two from the top to the bottom. This signified that because of Jesus' death and sacrifice, that the Holy of Holies (the truth and wisdom and love of all) was opened up to everyone. So when we say “my soul is the candle that burns away the veil”, St John of the Cross is clearly stating his revelation that Jesus' sacrifice is representative of our soul's journey. All of us who have a spiritual mission on the Earth in this time, have the mission to clear ourselves, to see the emotional charges transmuted so we can see the VEIL of the false experience of duality torn asunder from our lives. And what then are we without the veil? We are awakened into love and light. We experience divinity in Union with us. We become the divine of non-duality, representative of all. 

Meister Eckhart wrote:
Someday you will hear all things applaud your wonder.
Life claps in awe of the Divine's performance.
When your veil is removed, you, dear --
you, everyone -- will see
that your being is

Suffering is a portal to divinity

Within the St. John poem are many deep truths about our journey to ourselves. Our sufferings become a vehicle to the divine, as we allow the suffering we feel to not consume us but to carry us to see our sufficiency is in the divine. We also see the suffering of others as our own, not in a purely sympathetic way, but in a participatory statement of non-duality. I am all and all is one. As I said the poem again and again, I felt the suffering of the world, and I also felt that suffering becomes our initiation into divine consciousness for all. The suffering I knew was my initiation into God!
When I feel the tears.......
In non-duality, the tears I shed are felt by all beings, and the tears that the young child feels because of her hunger are felt by all, and me. During this meditation, I have felt tears falling into my hands for the suffering of all. It started with MY suffering, and progressed to the suffering of the world. All of our suffering is transformed when we feel the veil pass soul is the candle....

The love of the divine, I now have

It is yours and it is mine. Divine's intention is love for all, contained within our consciousness.

Idea!  Say the poem once daily for 5 days. See what it teaches you.

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