Friday, November 23, 2012

Love is the key!

A spiritual intention that CANNOT miss.

The key is divine unconditional love, having this for yourself, and for the world, and for the universe. In duality there cannot be unconditional love because in duality we are comparing ourselves to others, we are judging ourselves and others, and we are in competition with others. In non-duality is when it is possible to love oneself. This means that I completely accept myself and love myself with all my flaws, and mistakes, and bad habits, and weird behaviors. In duality this is not possible—it sounds ridiculous. But in non-duality it is the way we create, and communicate. We then realize how we can have unconditional love for others and for our world. My partner does not have to be perfect for me to love him/her unconditionally. The world does not have to be perfect. Unconditional love is the key to dimensional experience.. When we have unconditional love in 3D then we rise.....

The eyes with which I see God, are the same eyes by which God sees me.
The love that God has for me, is the same love by which I love myself.