Thursday, October 13, 2011

Mayan Calendar

There is much talk in “New Age” circles around the ending of the Mayan calendar on Oct. 28 of this year. While I feel that this is a very auspicious occasion spiritually, I see no disasters or pole shifts accompanying the event. Instead, I see it representing the continual and accelerating energies contributing to world awakening.

One by product of these energies is the feeling that “time” is speeding up or accelerating spiritually. What this means is that in this day we are able to realize spiritual growth in short amounts of time that others in times past have taken a lifetime to achieve. For example in centuries past, monks would separate themselves from the world to draw close to God, spending all of their lives in contemplative practice. In this day, our spiritual intentions in union with divine grace is allowing us to “awaken” or experience union with the divine very quickly. The realization that the divine is NOT “out there somewhere” but dwells within me opens the way to a new spiritual world.

The predictions by some of so-called disasters around Oct. 28 is only a type and shadow of the spiritual work that we all need to be doing: diving deep into ourselves to love every last part. Even the parts of ourselves we would see as “dark” or things we would like to see changed, those are the parts that we need to love, holding ourselves like a little child, comforting ourselves. As we love ALL of the parts of ourselves we begin to be made whole and complete. And when we love a “dark” part of ourselves many times the touch of love that we experience causes a transformation, and the dark part finally sees the light! What a miracle!

Do not fear the times we are in. Embrace the wonderful opportunity for your growth, and for the world to be awakened.


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