Friday, September 9, 2011

Amazing story of Middle Eastern man appearing

We were finishing up our first book “Can Christians Be Saved: A Mystical Path to Oneness.” One morning, when Buck was meditating, an old Middle Eastern man appeared to him. He came in and sat down in the meditation circle. He appeared daily but never said anything. Finally, one day he spoke. “Please translate your book into Arabic. My people need to hear your message.” He left and did not return.

A year later, Virginia was meditating, when an old Middle Eastern man appeared to her. He said:

I want to tell you how I happened upon Buck’s meditation that day. One morning I was looking upon my house that had been destroyed by an errant bomb the night before. As I looked upon the shambles, I felt the horror and loss of the death of my dear wife and two grandchildren. Never again would I feel my wife’s embrace. Never again would I hold the children on my knee. My son ran up to me and, weeping we hugged each other, and my son said “papaw, papaw, you must come with me to a meeting tonight. A group of us are meeting to decide what to do.”

To support my son, I decided to go. That night we met with about thirty other men in a room deep in the city. In the meeting, the talk was all about retribution; how to strike back at those who had caused the death of our families and friends. My heart was heavy with my loss and with all the talk of death. After the meeting I walked the streets, eventually finding myself staring up at my Mosque, the mosque in which I had said prayers for many years. As I looked, I began to weep and cried out to Al-lah in my suffering and distress. Almost immediately I felt the presence inside and I said “Al-lah dwells in my heart and in the hearts of all persons everywhere. He does not inhabit the places of stone; Al-lah is within me.”

I knew immediately that I could not seek to kill any person, as Al-lah dwells within them, too. But I was still upset and I walked home to the temporary shelter set up for those like me whose homes had been destroyed. That night I sat in meditation, and I cried out to Al-lah again for help and strength. In meditation I was carried on the winds, and was sat down in a circle of people. I know immediately that this was a holy place, and as I listened, I heard Buck talk of his book. I felt that the book had the same intention as my vision outside the Mosque. God is not “out there” but dwells inside my heart. And then I knew. “Al-lah” I cried “this book must come to my people.” Buck looked at me and I realized I had spoken the words out loud, and I was afraid. Buck looked at me and smiled, and he too started to weep, and he took my hand and I felt such hope like never before.”

This vision was very dear to Virginia, not only because she had been thinking of this man ever since Buck had told her of his appearance, but because the truth of the experience of the Divine dwelling within each of us is as universal as eating and breathing.

We wrote this book with the hope of this man in our hearts. Surly Divine’s unity within our hearts can lead us all to raise humanity’s consciousness to higher levels of love, peace and oneness. WE can each be the change we want to see in our world.

Preface to our second book: "Your heart is my Home".