Monday, January 24, 2011

the book is out!

The amazon link to the book is here:

See the review by Toby Johnson on the Amazon page. Toby is the author of 9 books on gay spirituality.

Can Christians be saved? Yes, we can all be saved from the results of duality: judgments, suffering, punishments and wars. By our experiencing a oneness consciousness we can be lead to inclusiveness and freedom from judgments which results in love and peace: in each of us and in our world. The book provides a unique spiritual process for internalizing and personalizing the spiritual truths and insights that can be found in sacred texts. The resulting realizations bring the reader to discover that we human beings are all one with God just by the nature of God and human consciousness. The gestalt process that they teach enables one to bring the truth of sacred stories inside, and discover truths based on experience and not religious dogma. The authors share their personal stories of their spiritual journeys from a world of judgments, fear and separations, to a state of oneness, or compassion and unity with all.

We pray the book is a blessing to all.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

the book

New publishing date on the book---late January 2011. Due to some formatting proofs and delays it will be late January, and we are looking very expectantly to the publishing of the book. In Feb. we are presenting the book at the Religion and Spirituality conference in Chicago. We will be doing an hour workshop and presenting a short paper on the process of the book. We will also have book signings in the Albuquerque area during Feb and march.