Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Oneness Blessing

Earlier this year I became a Oneness Blessing (deeksha) giver, by attending a 2 day Oneness awakening course. Since then I can truly say that this spiritual practice has had more effect on me than any others I have done. Below is a description of the blessing and what it does. Buck and I will offer the blessing on Sunday Mornings at 10:00AM, beginning on Sept. 5.


The main tool we use to help with spiritual growth is what we call "Deeksha" (also known as the Oneness Blessing). Deeksha is an ancient word derived from the Sanskrit language that refers to a �benediction� or a "gift", or having to do with the notion of "transfer" - in short, the receipt of a gift from the Divine, from God, from the Higher Self, which fuels the awakening process. Deeksha is a Blessing from the Divine that works to activate the kundalini, balance the chakras, and serves to intelligently guide the recipient on an individual, unique journey into higher states of consciousness, and ultimately into the state of Oneness itself.

In short, Deeksha is the transfer of a physical energy, which affects a neurobiological shift, thereby initiating a process where the Divine guides the recipient on an individual journey into awakening into Oneness. Deeksha creates a shift in the brain, deactivating the energy in certain areas of the brain while increasing energy in others, which results in a diminishing of the feeling we all have of separation. As other areas of the brain are activated, we find ourselves able to truly experience reality, through the senses - to actually taste a banana, to see our spouse for how he or she is, to hear the sound of our child crying. A whole new world opens to us where we are in direct contact with reality, as it is, without being carried away by the never ending chatter of the mind, its evaluations and interpretations.

It is an ancient understanding that higher states of consciousness of an awakened being can actually be transferred to another, through a specific initiatory process. We in Oneness utilize this ancient understanding by way of the Deekshas to help you grow and heal. These states are transferred to participants, through the Deekshas, who are able to then have a direct and personal experience of these higher qualities of love, unity, joy, silence, and Oneness. In order to receive the blessing, a blessing giver will place his/her hands lightly on your head for about 30 seconds to transfer this divine energy to you.