Thursday, July 8, 2010

book update

Buck and I have been revising and editing the book over the last 4 months and it is really coming together. As we live the principles and process of the book we discover that we are changed persons, therefore the book changes with us. But we have an appointment with our prof. editor in August 10, so we must be done by then. We have one last ritual to do together before that, The last Supper. Sort of sounds final doesn't it?
The book has become many things. It is a chronicle of our spiritual lives, complete with personal stories. Folks who have read portions of our book say the stories are very interesting and hold the reader's attention. The book is also an explanation of Oneness Spirituality, what that is and how to live in it. It is also a case for the construction of a mystical Christianity or any other mystic religion within ones self.
It also explains God realization and suggests pathways to oneness and the realization that God is within and not in Heaven or out there somewhere.
The title: "Can Christians Be Saved?" is an attempt to challenge our marketable base to read the book. We consider our base to be Christians who have left the Church behind, Oneness blessing givers, new agers, gays, lesbians, and transgenders plus hopefully theologians, and spiritual leaders. We teach the reader to internalize the Biblical stories to discover who we are and to be lead to a view of God as the inclusive, all-encompassing, all compassionate and loving, divine consciousness, with whom we can participate in living- Hooray!
We hope to be done with any re-writes from the edit by September sometime so we can publish in the Fall.

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