Monday, March 29, 2010

"Can Christians Be Saved?" book preface

Preface to our book
After one and a half years, we have finally finished the Book "Can Christians Be Saved?". We will post excerpts from the book all during the year until publication.
Here is the PREFACE which explains more about the title.

Can Christians Be Saved?
by Rev. Virginia Stephenson and Rev. Buck A. Rhodes


As to the title “Can Christians be Saved”, we offer this book as a vehicle for enlightenment and awakening for all people, Christians and non-Christians alike. In the reading of the book it will become clear that the issue is not one’s religion or lack thereof, but our view of the world, ourselves, divinity, and our fellow people. As to the word “saved”, it is our intention that the world will be awakened to the fact that we are all brothers and sisters, whether we are a different nationality, ethnicity, or gender – and even more than brothers, but ONE together in this world. We believe this knowledge and realization will “save” fundamental Christians from the cycle of judgment, guilt, fear and a misunderstanding of divinity.
The Bible is the quintessential religious text of the Western world, and we use the stories from it to show that even the familiar spiritual stories from many of our youthful experiences, can bring us to truth. The God that we teach throughout this book lies inside of us, in our heart and soul, and we have only to realize who we are to experience that divinity.
Through our years of spiritual work together, we developed a process whereby we could internalize the Biblical stories for ourselves. This process is interpreting the stories allegorically, not literally. To assist the reader in understanding our process we have interjected many of our personal stories into the book. Our hope is that the reader can use our process (or their own) to let these stories live in them as they have in us.
We begin the book with brief personal spiritual histories, and then we get right into the stories. Eight stories and three parables from the Bible are given to our process of allegorical interpretation and are included here along with our personal reflections on what the process meant to us. We then include some of our background investigations: to explain some terms and to explain oneness. We conclude with several chapters on the spiritual tools to realize and experience Oneness.

Buck Rhodes
Virginia Stephenson
March, 2010
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Copyright 2010 by Virginia Stephenson and Buck A. Rhodes

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