Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I love to read, and I have a collection of books I have read down through the years. I was looking at my bookcase in preparations of moving it and began to evaluate some of the selections there. I have Stephen Hawkings' book, "A Brief history of Time" and I cannot fathom why I keep this book as I have tried to read it several times and get into it about 3-4 pages and quit. It is quite over my level.
I do not keep many fiction books at all, as I try to pick those up from used stores, but I do keep a copy of "Lord of the Rings", which I read once a year, and Ken Follett's "The Pillars of the Earth", which I read about every fifth year.
Many of the books are new age, or books on magic, or Druidry, as I practice spirituality with a number of good folk. Being a history scholar, I have several books on history, most of which I have either never read or read many years ago. That book on the Civil War may have to go.
I even asked myself if I keep any of the books in my bookcase to impress any visitors to my home, so they will know I am a great person, for having this particular book. I can honestly say that I do not think any of my books fall under that catagory, although my selections of Emerson and Wordsworth probably come close.
So when I get around to moving it, I shall probably again purge my book selection, knowing all the while that I will indeed keep some that I should remove. Oh well... the games with myself continue.