Wednesday, October 7, 2009

San Francisco

I am in San Fran for 4 days, for rest and relaxation and a change of scenery. I love this town, from the gorgeous bay views, to the bridges, the food, all the gayness this town exudes. I arrived today with a sense of adventure, wondering how many syncronicities will happen to me during my visit.
What is really exciting is to see how many divine appointments I can recognize while I am here. Each time I talk to anyone I have an expectancy that a wonderful play is about to begin on the stage, and I can have a part in it. Life is one big adventure.

So while I am here I will bike over the Golden gate Bridge and have lunch in Saucalito, and take the Ferry back. I also will bike through Golden gate Park, and on Friday I will attend the President's Cup Golf Tournament. That along with eating my way through this wonderful City, where the tall buildings are built on rollers and springs. Maybe kids built this City?

And then there is this totally enchanting woman at the front desk of my Hotel. I mean, we talked for 5 minutes and I felt like I have known her for years.....

So there is magic in the air here in SF, and I am holding on for the ride as the teacups spin.