Saturday, August 22, 2009

Caster Semenya- unfairly targeted for sex testing

This 18 year old sprinter has been unfairly forced to prove she is a woman, because she is a champion sprinter and "looks" like a male. Her Mother and her grandmother have both spoken for her to say how unfair the testing is.
Some of her competitors feel she has an unfair advantage. Oh yeah, what is an unfair advantage? How about Michael Phelps' big feet? Of Lance Armstrong's unusually long femurs? Should Semenya be found with XXY DNA it will be very unfair to penalize
her in the least. Here is a letter that says it all:

From the internet:
To: The International Association of Athletics Federation
We, the undersigned, demand that the IAAF stay out of Caster Semenya's pants.

Your efforts to make champion Caster Semenya 'prove' she is a woman are shameful and unnecessary, and undermine the integrity and dignity of women athletes. Requiring select athletes--based purely on looks--to undergo 'scientific' testing that others do not is unfair and humiliating.

Gender is not a science, and biology does not make--or unmake--a woman. Oppression based on looks, however, is real, and forces women athletes to adhere to a sexist standard that does not foster true competition or personal excellence. We applaud Caster Semenya's skill as an athlete, and the way she creates more space for women--of all shapes, sizes and looks--to succeed.

We demand that you stop selective gender testing now, and put in place new policies that support all athletes, regardless of gender expression or identity.