Wednesday, July 22, 2009

closeted gay republican politicians

I saw the movie last night "Outrage", that chronicles politician after politician who are secretly gay, and have gay relationships, but in public vote or act against all the gay initiatives and protections for LGBT persons.
Now while I practice "non-judgment" from a Buddhist perspective, and have compassion and forgiveness only for these folk, actions do have consequences. And the consequences are as follows:
1. They are living a double life, a lie, and constructing elaborate stories to explain their behavior. The pressure from this in the quiet moments causes them to further act out with bizarre behavior (ex. Larry Craig). I feel so sorry for the strain they are under.
2. Their nature is to be gay, so in voting against all gay initiatives, they are not only stating through example that they hate themselves, but their self-hatred is affecting all those like them. Many straight folk do not know the hardships that LGBT suffer, because the right -wing has fooled them into things that we have the same rights as all people. WRONG. Walk a mile in my shoes.
3. They live in a world of their delusional choice. When Larry Craig was arrested for toe-tapping in the airport men's room, he stated more than once: "I am not gay, I have never been gay". Even though several other gay relationships in his past have been proven. He has kept up his own delusion.

There was a wonderful story resulting from this. One of the Republican politicians (that's right, almost ALL of them are republicans) who was outed was Dan Gurley, a former field director for the Republican National Committee, who oversaw anti-gay campaigns for the RNC. He was a closeted gay while he worked at the RNC and was "outed" and Gurley now works for Equality North Carolina, a statewide group dedicated to securing equal rights and justice for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people. So I would say he took his outing and made it something positive for himself and others. Good for you, Dan!!!

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