Thursday, June 25, 2009

Rest in Peace Michael

How sad to see the passing of Michael Jackson. The first time I saw him perform "Billie Jean" I was so moved at his talent and the pure enjoyment of the song and his movements and voice, that I stood up and applauded....and I was alone in my living room. His energy and movements were simply without equal in his day. The very culture of pop music was recreated because of his creativity and performance.
He was preparing for maybe the most important and largest tour of his life, and he is dead.
The other sad thing is the tragic unfolding of challenges in his life that he endured. He spoke many times about how he had no childhood, and what there was of it was filled with fear and pressure. I cannot help but conclude with what I have heard that his infatuation with children and his culture of having children around was to restore or rediscover the lost places in his heart as a result of his upbringing.
Wow. I think I will play "Billie jean" tonight and imagine it is the very first time I have ever heard it. I can feel I will give him a standing ovation.