Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Spring- I love it!

I usually suffer through the winter months and feel reborn when spring arrives. Several years ago I decided to accept the darkness and quiet of the cold, and not resist it. Since then I have gotten through the winter without being depressed.
But this year the warmer weather really feels special. To be able to wear less clothes, to hear the birds in their song, to feel the warm breezes through my backyard trees, all these contribute toward my rebirth.
Also, it is so much easier to exercise when it is warm. Since the warm weather has been here, I have established a daily regimen of bike riding, usually for 30 min to one hour in the evenings. I am very careful on my bike, but sometimes feel like a road warrior, dodging the steel beasts traveling on the roads, overcoming hills and orange barrels, feeling the blessing and respite of the downhills.
Even though alas, I had to postpone my trip to Spain until later this year, I have much to look forward to this summer.
1. Planting summer squash and okra in my backyard.
2. Pridefest in June
3. My daughter's graduation party this month.
4. The weekly revelations of my weekly meetings with Buck
5. My 40th HS reunion (maybe)
6. occasional Isotopes ball games

This weather is perfect this time of year.