Thursday, March 26, 2009

Right wing hate defeated in Florida

In Gainesville, FL. on Tuesday, with 100% of the city ballots counted, the discriminatory Charter Amendment One has been soundly defeated by a vote of 58% to 42%. Charter Amendment 1 was an effort by national rightwing organizations to repeal the
city's new anti-discrimination law that would-and now will-allow gay, lesbian, bi and
transgender people to work and live based on their qualifications. The LGBT-obsessed Right Wing Lie Machine has fallen way short again.

This is noteworthy, because some of the TV spots in support of the amendment, showed a surly and dangerous looking man going into a ladies restroom, implying that to allow transgender people to use the bathroom of their acquired gender, that women will be in danger of attack in ladies rooms. This is the outrageous strategy of the right-wing, to take what they consider people on the margins, and demonize them by completely mis-characterizing them. This is demagogy at its worse, and it is shameful, even for the right wing.

Well, the people of Gainesville were not fooled, well...except for the 42% on the losing end. But this is a bright spot in LGBT social justice after the disastrous PROP defeats of last year.

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  1. Hells yeah! It's nice to know that the city I spent my first two years of life in is FINALLY progressing...