Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Wacko- right wing churches

Legacy Church here in Albuquerque has called for their members to "fast and pray" in order to stop the Domestic Partner Bill from passing the NM state legislature. (Thank you Paula, for the heads up). Legacy Church is a right wing wacko mega-church, that believes the Bible is literally true, and that some are going to be "saved" (them of course) and some will be damned for all time (us, the homosexuals and transgender sinners). The pastor of the church, Steve Smothermon, told the congregation that the sin of homosexuality would hurt New Mexicans and even the entire country. Yeah RIGHT.

I guess they thought it was much more important to fast and pray against homosexuality, than to pray for the nation's economic recovery, or an end to the Palestinian-Jewish conflict, or global warming, or to feed hungry children in the world. I guess to give same-sex couples the right to visit their partner in the hospital, or to give them the right of medical decision for their partner, or the right of inheritance, means the end of the world as we know it. Honestly, this is an example of people with personality disorders, uniting with the fairy tales from a false religion, to demonize a group of persons they do not even know.

So tomorrow, they will be at the state capital in Santa Fe, to stand up to fight against a bill that will protect unmarried couples. They will think they are doing the Will of the God they serve. Actually, they are perpetuating hate...and seeking to continue the discrimination of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people, the discrimination that so far, is sanctioned by the US Government.

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  1. Hello, Just starting to look at what this church is all about, it does not seem religous it seems more about Politics.