Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Transgendered cats

"Transgendered Cats" is written by and is property of Stealthgrrl at www.susans.org

Transgendered cats become a problem.

The females prowl the alleyways all night, fighting and spraying the hell out of everything. Meanwhile, the toms grow their hair long and preen like Grand Duchesses in the window seat.

Clergy become alarmed.

They urge people to buy dogs instead.

"It's all that catnip," says Mrs. Mumbly, deliciously scandalized.

"It's a sign of the end times," says Herbert Straight, with a knowing nod.

The transgendered cats march on Washington.

Being cats, this doesn't go smoothly, but eventually, they all make it.

"Kitty, kitty," says the president.

"Oh please," say the cats.

America and the transgendered cats stare at each other.

Cats never blink, but

Mrs. Mumbly swore that one of them winked at her, and that she'd never seen such brass.

Transgendered cats.

It's happening now.


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