Monday, February 9, 2009

Sec. Clinton

Hey- have any of you been wondering what Sec. of State Clinton is doing these days?
Well no, because there has been no press at all of what she is doing. All the news is economic recovery here at home.
Let me take a guess.
I know that she wants to make a splash in her new job. And she has many contacts from her husbands stint in office, so...... the possibilities are numerous.
Suppose that a deal could be made to supply the Saudis absolute security in the Middle East for a share in their OIL revenues, or suppose that Iran would like the same.
Suppose that they are trying to broker a deal to keep everyone happy.
Israel you say, they want peace too, but only on their terms.
How is it going to come down?
I guarantee that this year, Sec. Clinton will be involved in a major deal there. Syria and Israel? I do not know.
The palestinians, they must be cared for?
The elections in Israel today? how will that affect the balance?
Is she working with Pres. Obama. Yes, of course. But is she pulling strings with all of Bill's contacts. You bet.
She is a bright lady, and from what I have seen, she has the State dept on her side BIG time.
When employees want to work for their boss, they DO. I think things are in FULL swing there, and everyone is distracted by the economics here.
Hey, I could be all wet, but I don't think I am.
Hold on, it could get bumpy.

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