Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Prayers, Druids and sacred space

I belong to a Druid Grove with 3 wonderful women, and we get together monthly and create sacred space together to help us with our lives, to create positive changes in our world, and to learn more about ourselves, and to enjoy a fine meal together, of course. The method we use is an ancient one, in that we create sacred space by coming into unity among ourselves, and by considering that we are also at one with Creator/ Spirit/ Universe. Into this space we speak our truth, and as we do we learn more about who we are, what we can do upon knowing ourselves, and how that knowledge of ourselves can change us and the world around us: our friends, families, employees, etc. There is also magical things that result from placing “intention” into sacred space. Intention is a purposeful thought, a statement or commitment to a purpose or a plan, a direction of the mind and spirit. Just as the womb is the place of creation of a new life, sacred space is the place where placed intentions are transformed into reality: and that is magic.
A prayer is a very similar thing. If we take the idea of a personal God/Goddess out of prayer, then we are left with speaking intention!
One of the 4 agreements, by Don Miguel Ruiz, is for the impeccability of my word. Let all my words be truthful, let all my words uplift and encourage, let all my words bless, let all my words be pure.
This is important in intention also. The plans and directions of our lives are important, and what we pray and what we intend is important.
Another way to set an intention is to light a candle. I especially do this for others, when someone needs a healing or a job, when someone needs help or wisdom , I light a candle and let it burn for them, and when I look at the candle I open my heart for their need, and sometimes when I do this the Universe tells me to do something further to help them.
The reason a Druid group is called a “grove”, is because we also study nature together, especially the trees. So since a group of trees can be called a grove, we Druids are a grove. We are planted together in similar soil, and feel the same Sunlight, water through our roots and leaves, and the breezes blowing through our branches. Yes, this speaks to similar experiences which have brought us together, and similar values and beliefs about life, which means that we see the world in a similar way.
It is wonderful to walk through life in community, with like-minded people who trust and enjoy and marvel at life.

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