Sunday, February 8, 2009

My cat prepares to transition.

I am battling what to do about my last cat today. My last cat does not mean I would never have another, but for many years I had 2 cats, Velvet, my long time friend died last September,at the age of 19, and my other cat is Cinders, who has been under my care for a number of years as she is my daughter, Jennifer's, cat.
Well last week Cinders became ill and was not eating, so Thursday I took her to the vet and found out that she has progressive kidney failure, the same ailment that Velvet died of.
So for three days I have been giving Cinders "sub-Q" injections to keep her hydrated.
The procedure involves having a bag of "ringers lactate" solution, and a needle and tube, and sticking in the needle under the skin of her neck, and giving her 100mL of the solution twice daily.
The problem is Cinders is not responding to treatment, so I fear we will have to put her down tomorrow. Jennifer has been very supportive in the process, telling me she was fine with my decision, and she wants to be with Cinders tomorrow when I take her in. I feel sure Jennifer wants to support me by being there, as much as in sorrow in seeing Cinders pass. And I am really glad for her support.
Having a pet who is a friend and part of the family and giving them up is hard. I have never been one to stoically endure the deaths of pets, they always hit me pretty hard and I have to cry for a while to get over them.
So I am spending my last night with Cinders, who is about 15 years or so old herself.
Be blessed little Cinders!

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