Thursday, February 5, 2009

left brain and right brain

On my facebook page, I announced that I was pondering the left brain right brain connection, and my friend Mary Ellen wrote and asked me "what have you figured out?"

Well I thought about that for a while and answered with this:

Oh no, someone has asked me for an explanation. Well, shall I answer it in the rational, or the intuitive? Well, since i was born in the rational, I shall try the intuitive.
I think this is like changing operating systems on a computer, it is hard work. It is like knowing a language and trying to speak another.
OK, Here is what I will answer.
... the left and right brain connection is like......
cooking with recipes, and cooking and throwing in whatever, it is like gardening by the book, and gardening with what feels nice on that day, it is like making love as I have always done it, or..... being receptive to .....alternative responsives.
It is like stroking my cat, or talking to her.
I am still learning what it means, but I am sure it means to cross an ocean on a raft, or flying high on a moonbeam, or sitting for hours waiting for the sunrise.
I am also sure it means to look at the world as much larger than it is, and to look at my place in the world as much larger than I thought.

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