Saturday, February 14, 2009

Guest blogger today

Hi everyone! My name is Persia and I am Virginia's new cat. Virginia saved me at the Humane Society yesterday....Whew, I was glad to be rid of that place! The cage was so confining.
Anyway, I am a siamese mix, tabby Point, 3-1/2 year old, female. My last family had some problems and did not think they could care for me any more, although I was kept very well fed ( I weigh 12 pounds!). My first day with Virginia was yesterday, and I settled in right away, checking everything out.
The high point of the day for me was sleeping in Virginia's bed last night. I think I surprised her at how quickly I warmed to everything.
One of my past lives was as a lap cat to an Egyptian queen. didn't just think I was some ordinary cat, did you? Although Virginia has encouraged me not to show any elitest behavior.
So anyway, being in Virginia's house gives me somewhat of a throwback to that life, Virginia being a queen and all!
So I find life absolutely satisfactory at the moment, although I am still working on the cat pan thing.
I have to keep some excitement in Virginia's life, don't I?
So well met, everyone. Here I am in my new place. And I like it.

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