Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Christian assumptions lead to problems, post #2

Another excellent post from Buck. The importance of this is that many of our thought systems, mores and folkways, and cultural assumptions are based on the incorrect belief that the Bible is literally true. But when we can internalize the allegorical truths for our own spiritual enlightenment, we discover who we are, as well as our divinity. Thanks again Buck, for this outstanding explanation.

2. Electing Jesus as god and making the New Testament history rather appreciating it as allegories which teach spiritual truths, gave rise to Catholic and fundamental Christian beliefs which are often contrary to the teachings of Jesus as reported in the Christian bible. These erroneous ideas began to gain major importance with the selection of Christianity as the official religion of the Roman Empire by Constantine and the actions taken by the Council of Nicea in 325 AD. Sigmund Freud recognized that the Christian Bible was total plagiarism [Tom Harpur, The Pagan Christ, Walker and Co., NY, 2004, p.5] Detailed historical research has clearly shown that the stories in the bible were taken from ancient religions often thousands of years before the beginning of the Christian era (0 AD) [Alvin Boyd Kuhn, A Rebirth for Christianity, republished in 2005 by Quest Books, Wheaton Il, and Lost Light, An Interpretation of Ancient Scriptures, Filiquarian Publishing republished 2007; Gerald Massey, Ancient Egypt, The Light of the World, Cosimo republished 2007; Acharya S, Suns of God, 2004, Adventures Unlimited, Kempton, Il, 2004; Kersey Graves, The World’s Sixteen Crucified Saviors, Christianity before Christ, Adventures Unlimited, Kempton Il, republished in 2001 and many others]. The early Christian church and the Roman Empire tried to rid the world of Gnostic and mystic Christians by burning their books, killing or banishing their leaders and punishing those who wouldn't agree with the official interpretation of Christian doctrine.
In making Jesus God and Savior they transferred the divine outside of the Self. Not only is this contrary to the teachings attributed to Jesus himself, but it allows for external authority over individuals and justifies rule of humankind by political and religious authorities. This idea gains credibility by assuming that humans are basically animals where the packs or herds are lead by an alpha individual, usually a male. This idea negates the concept that we are all sons and daughters of God/Goddess. Animals fight to maintain control; sons and daughters of God/Goddesses love each other, all belong to the same family and the need to control is diminished. Exalting the animal nature of humans leads to hatred and war; exalting the divine nature of humans leads to love and peace. The dominating authoritarian Christians have taken the baby Jesus outside of us limiting our potential to mature into divine beings.
In making the Bible into history, the power of the lessons contained in the stories is often dismissed rather than applied to the individual who is learning the story. If we assume that the teachings in the Bible and in the gospels in particular are allegories of our own life stories, then we can experience them as initiations and get their individualized meanings more deeply than as just an intellectual understanding; they become personal and self-awakening experiences which can profoundly change our lives. This results in the internal infant Jesus or magical child maturing into the Christ. God therefore becomes an internalized experience. And we therefore become self reliant not expecting some outside god to save us. We have to take on the responsibility of Savior.

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