Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Well, I lost my last cat today. Cinders was 17 years old and was a joy to my home for these last years. She was Jennifer's cat and Jennifer gave her to me about 3 years ago or so. I have lost 2 very old cats in the last 5 months. My long time friend Velvet (19 years)died in Sept of last year.
I am a very good keeper of cats, in that a cat in my care is treasured, fed well, played with, and stroked and massaged and rubbed to their heart's content. They have always slept with me, purring through the night, and yawning with me as I arise.
So, all life passes, but now I look for other pets.
2 kittens would be nice, or perhaps to rescue an adult or 2 from the fate that awaits them at a shelter.
I went by "Lucky Paws" today, the city adoption store in the Coronado Center, and I was really impressed with the care they give the animals. I did not meet a cat to take home, but they have some lovelies there. So this weekend I think I will make the rounds of the shelters and see if I can find a new baby, or babies.
But now I need to thoroughly clean house, as Cinders, the Goddess rest her soul, was quite messy in the last days of life, poor thing.

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