Monday, January 26, 2009

Creating Change

I will attend the Creating Change Conference in Denver this weekend. The event is put on by the national Gay and Lesbian Task Force(NGLTF), and there will be workshops, seminars, speeches, and presentations by a variety of groups and individuals.
Over 2000 people are expected to attend. Most of the attendees will be (like me)activists in the fight for civil rights for GLBT persons. The conference is being held at the Grand Hyatt in downtown Denver.
Among the workshops that interest me are subjects like sexuality and spirituality, trans health care, United ENDA, relationship between a Board and the ED, and others.
As the representative (executive director) of Equality NM I will also network with vendors, friends, grantors, and other organizations.

It should be very informative, but also fun. I will see my friend Kelly, who lives in Denver and we have chatted on line but never met. I hope I can find some good places to eat within walking distance of the Hotel.

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