Friday, January 30, 2009


I am writing this from the Creating Change conference in Denver. What an amazing conference! I would say there are a majority of GLBT persons under 30 than over. As an old person, this is so great and brings tears of joy to my eyes.
Among the high points so far:
1. I attended a panel on the defeats of the PROPS last November, and after all the dust settled and excuses were given, 2 things hit home.
A. There must be a marriage between polling and organizing in our campaigns, and
B. NOW may be the time, at least coming, for civil disobedience, to highlight the injustice of what is happening.

2. I attended a meeting and seminar on bisexuality. There were about 120 people there and 90% were under 30. Our young persons are very comfortable expressing their sexuality as bi and even though our GLBT culture pressures them to be gay or lesbian or not, they are expressing their attractions as BI.

3. I attended a meeting of Trans-activitists, and again, 70% there were under 30. They had so much great energy and determination for equality it brought tears to my eyes.

This is a great conference and there is one more day. Hooray.

My only sadness is that the DP Bill in NM is having problems. There is one swing vote in the Senate Judiciary, and we might not get it. But do not give up hope. This has happened before and things have worked out.

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